✎ Anonymous: where i know you have friends here that care about you and want to help you when you're feeling sad.

Thank you, love.
I’m trying really hard to be okay and let people in. It’s just kinda hard but I’ll get there.
Thank you for your support. x

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✎ Anonymous: because i wasnt very honest with you throughout our friendship. i dont know if you actually forgive me, and accept who i am. but i am sorry

I know I’m not always a good person because I don’t forgive easily. But lies really get to me. I honestly don’t know who you are because a lot of people lied to me and that made me push them away so you can come off anon and talk to me if you want to.

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✎ Anonymous: theres part of me that misses you but you dont like me anymore

What makes you think that I don’t like you anymore?

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✎ Anonymous: i'm afraid you are keeping what is bothering you to yourself because you think it'll bother people if you talk to them. you don't bother. if you have someone to talk to then everything is okay.

That’s the thing I can never open up to people without feeling like a bother. I’m kinda self conscious about it, I feel like I’m being selfish when I talk about my problems. But thank you for caring x

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✎ Anonymous: I just want you to be okay.

I’ll be okay, I promise.

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tomlinhearteyes: <3 u

<3 so much more, Emily. 

✎ Anonymous: Wanna know a secret? *whispers* I wish I was half the person you are

Oh, love. You’re more of a person than I will ever be.

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✎ Anonymous: Idk about other ppl but I feel sad when you're sad. You're a ray of sunshine so when you're down the world turns into a very cloudy and rainy place. Please smile, I love you erica

This is so sweet.. I don’t even know what to say.
Thank you for going out of your way to try to make me feel better.
I’m sorry I’m making everything about myself and my feelings again.
It was never my intention to do so.
I love you back, nonnie. x

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akalashton: words can't even describe how much i love and adore you Erica you're so sweet and cute and kind i wanna cry :') your heart is so pure and full of love i am in awe i love you so much ♥

I have no words to tell you how much this message meant to me, I never needed this more than I do now and I’m so thankful for you, love.
Thank you for your kind words, I don’t think I’m all that but I can only try to be a better person.
Thank you for everything, I love you so so much. x